Welcome to the virtual venue of the 95th Joint Session...

Welcome to the 95th Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and Mind Association. We wish we could be welcoming you in person at the University of Hertfordshire’s de Havilland Campus, but the silver lining of holding the conference online is that we have approximately 300 registered participants from around the world who might otherwise not have been able to be ‘here’. 

Our 16th-18th July schedule includes live Zoom sessions for the Presidential address, Symposia, SWIP, and Postgraduate Sessions, and pre-recorded videos for the MIND and Open Sessions. In addition, we have a specially commissioned Comedy Special with Rob Newman and live poetry readings by Christopher Norris. We also invite those of you who have become nostalgic for awkward conference coffee breaks to login for our virtual social sessions hosted by Wonder (watery coffee not included). You will be able to navigate the ‘room’ and interact with other participants based on your areas of philosophical interest. 


None of this would have been possible without the amazing organisational assistance of Katja Behrens, who is also our webmaster, as well as the incredible support of Holly de las Casas, Managing Editor of The Aristotelian Society. We hope that you will join us in a collective mental act of thanking them. We also owe thanks to the AS Editor, Guy Longworth, for curating the main programme and editing the Supplementary Volume, as well as Casey Logue for organising the SWIP session.

If you’d like to follow along, or discuss the events on social media, we invite you to use our official hashtag #JointSession2021

We are also pleased to inform you that the Supplementary Volume​ be open access from 9-20 July, via the following link, so that delegates are able to read the papers ahead of time: https://academic.oup.com/aristoteliansupp/issue

We hope you all have an amazing weekend and look forward to joining you in the discussions!


Prof. Constantine Sandis & Prof. Danièle Moyal-Sharrock

Local Organisers - XCV Joint Session 2021, University of Hertfordshire 


Please also note that our Zoom subscription allows for 300 participants - first come, first served.

Please note that to join the live zoom sessions, you will need the passcode. You will receive this when you register and we have sent out an email to remind you (the passcode is the Greek word for Aristotle's happiness: Eu******ia)

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