The Joint Session Socials


Digitally mingle with your fellow delegates and wind down from the conference day - perhaps with a glass of something.

The Specials

After the inaugural address we cordially invite you to listen to our pre-recorded comedy special by comedian Robert Newman will give a talk on 'Wittgenstein's Joke Book - notes on the philosophy of laughter’. At 5:30 PM Philosopher, literary critic, and poet Christopher Norris will read from his Socrates at Verse and Other Philosophical Poems and debut some new philosophical poetry in a live Zoom session. Click below here to see the specials.


Robert Newman

Friday, 16th July 2021
4:30 PM

Robert Newman is a stand-up comedian, broadcaster and author. His  most recent BBC Radio 4 comedy series were Rob Newman’ Half-Full Philosophy Hour and Total Eclipse of Descartes. He has written half a dozen books, including The Entirely Accurate Encycopedia of Evolution, and  Neuropolis (‘Read him!' Mary Midgley).

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Christopher Norris

Friday, 16th July 2021
5:30 PM

Chris Norris is Emeritus Professor in Philosophy at the University of Cardiff. He is the author of more than thirty books on aspects of philosophy, literature, the history of ideas, politics, and music. Among his poetry collections to date are The Cardinal’s Dog, For the Tempus-Fugitives, The Winnowing Fan, and The Matter of Rhyme.

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Socials for you!

Friday, 16th July - 6 PM
Saturday, 17th July - 2:30 & 6:30 PM
Sunday, 18th July - 2 & 6:30 PM

We have created a wonder.me chatroom in which you can meet all the other delegates. In this chatroom we have marked 'areas' into which you can navigate and find the people you want to chat to - you can chat groups, you can interact in writing or in a video call.

The more of you will join the better the experience will be - Enjoy the socialising! 

*The app won't work in Safari, but all other browsers are supported.