The Joint Session Socials


Digitally mingle with your fellow delegates and wind down from the conference day - perhaps with a glass of something.

7 pm

Robert Newman, Comedian

Robert Newman is a stand-up comedian, broadcaster and author. His  most recent BBC Radio 4 comedy series were Rob Newman’ Half-Full Philosophy Hour and Total Eclipse of Descartes. He has written half a dozen books, including The Entirely Accurate Encycopedia of Evolution, and  Neuropolis (‘Read him!' Mary Midgley). Listen to Robert's talk on 'Wittgenstein’s Joke Book - notes on the philosophy of laughter’.

10 AM

Christopher Norris, Poet

Listen to Christopher read from his Socrates at Verse and Other Philosophical Poems and debut some new philosophical poetry.

2 PM

Networking Hour

Please join us in our wonder.me room to meet delegates from your sessions and beyond.

Please notice: wonder.me does not work in a Safari browser, but it does in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.


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